Amiga Section

On this page are my Amiga projects. Click on the disk icon to download an adf file (in zipped format) that can be used with an emulator or copied on to a real Amiga floppy disk or the hard disk icon that downloads an Amiga lha file that can be unpacked straight to a hard disk (real or emulated).

Floppy Bird

My version of the mobile game - Flappy Bird. Download and either play in an emulator or unzip and copy to a real Amiga.

Works on all Amigas.

Doodle Jump
In progress version of the other famous mobile game. Works ok on accelerated Amigas (030+) but rewriting to see if I can get it to run at a decent speed on a plain Amiga 500.
Download pending
Dino Run

A version of the Google Chriome browser game. An exploration in the use of sprites.

Works on all Amigas.