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Zynaps Remix demo is ready to be downloaded here or from the Zynaps page. It's only a WIP but is basically a looping version of level 1 with some power ups working. Controls and instructions on the Zynaps page. Let me know how it works for you at

Haven't posted for a while - been really busy at the end of term! TR is still progressing (albeit slowly) but have turned my attention to a new remake for the next few weeks - Zynaps. This is being written for the Retro Remakes completion 2006. If you want to find out a little about the game then click here or use the link at the side.

Been working hard in TR Remix (although most of it is under the surface). Lots of bugs squashed! Added shadows to the players and foreground objects (well a beam to be precise). Dean informed me I had the wrong tune so that is fixed too. Latest build on TR Remix page or download here.

With a little help from Rockfistus I now run the music using Blitzbass dll. Uploaded new version to TR webpage or download it here.

Been a while! Had a couple of e-mails letting me know that there were problems with the site. Hopefully they are fixed now?
Other news - TR Remix bug was found with support from Retroremakes forum: click here to read.
Final bit of news is that I have put a WIP up on the TR Remix page or download it from here. Still al ot of work to do but I thought it was about time that I showed something off. There are loads of bugs but you can start to get a feel for the game play. Comments to the usual address:

Been a bit quiet recently - work commitments and all that! Have been slowly plugging away at Target Renegade but have been held back by a major bug which I can't find! If you want to help - head over to the TR page and download the non-working version. E-mail me any comments of suggestions.

Still working on Target Renegade. Hit a few issues that have held me up but things seem to be back on track! Have been in contact with the original programmer and got his blessing for the remake!
Also got a mention in this months Retro Gamer magazine (see page 98) and a picture of the game was on the letters page!
New WIP is coming soon...

Still working hard on Target Renegade and new work in progress coming very soon! I have noticed that an incomplete version of the website was updated and many links were not working. Hopefully this has now been rectified.

Have posted 2nd WIP for Target Renegade and updated the page! Remember it is a very early WIP and very buggy! Any helpful feedback to my e-mail or the following forum at Retro Remakes:

Have set up a new page for my latest remake - Target Renegade which I am creating with the help of Dean Swain (who has redrawn all the graphics from the Speccy version -good work Dean!). Only been at it for a few days but an early WIP is downloadable from the page. Click the link on the left or here to see.

Just a quick message to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I have a few projects on the back burner at present although I must spend some time getting to grips with Blitz 3D! More news soon!


Completed getting the site back into working order.  Added some new links and had a little bit of a rearrange.  Some work still to be done but business as normal.  If you haven't already, try Little Rabbit Foo Foo - an original game made for the Retro Remakes compo 2005/


Have had a disaster and lost most of the code for this site!  Luckily with help (thanks Bob) I have managed to retrieve the front page from 'Google Cache' and have got it back into a useable state.   Will still need a bit of work but at least it's up to date!  If you do find any deal or not working links, please e-mal me at

I have also finished my entry for the retroremakes competition 2005 - Little Rabbit Foo Foo.  For once it is an original game inspired by 8/16 bit platform games.  Let me know what you think - e-mails to normal address.

I have also added 'Beccy's Round Up'- a game made with my friends daughter in about an hour.  Simple but fun!

Finally, I have rearranged the links and put unfinished stuff in a Work In Progress (WIP) section.

If you haven't tried my other games - click on the links to the left and give them a go.


Have started to revamp the homepage.  New logo and enhanced layout as my knowledge of web pages improves.  There has been an amazing response to the One Switch Competition so well done all who entered.  As I write this there  are three and a half hours to go!


This update business is happening too often!  Anyway, just to let you know that I have now finished my second entry for the One Switch Completion so click on the link for Alien Abduction.  I promise to give the site a remake very soon.


Hellooo...just updated site with my One Switch Frogger for RR competition.  Choose the link at the side to find the page to download the game and link to One Switch.  I must revamp this site sometime soon!!


 I'm back again!  Just uploaded a finished version of my new game - Doctor Who (inspired by an old Amiga game which in turn was inspired by the classic series).  New Doctor Who series started yesterday and was brilliant - long may it continue.  Click link to left to get to game page.


 Hello, hello - anyone there?  Finished my latest game and have uploaded it to website.  Running out of space on server so I haven't uploaded Thunderpac (48th in Retroremakes 2004 Compo).  If you want to try this game click on the Retrroremakes log below and go to the competition page).

I have also removed all the Salamander demos and page to free up space.


Reorganized the front page slightly and started  a diary on Salamander on its own web page.


Updated Salamander page with Early Test Demo - please download and give me feedback.


I must do something to these pages more often!!!!

Anyway, if you've come here looking for news on my Salamander remake - not much yet - click on the link to see....