Salamander Remake

This will be my WIP for Salamander remake - a competition entry for the 2004 Retro Remakes competition.  No promises but I'll try my hardest to get it done......  Anyway, here's a pictures to wet your appetites.

No pictures yet but an early test demo can be downloaded.  Let me know how it runs on your system. Either post on RetroRemakes Forum or e-mail me at

Diary of Game Creation

19/7/04 Reduced background size in test demo for Salamander.  Follow link on the left to download.  Please either post at retroremakes forum or e-mail me your results.  The next stage will be to split the foreground into 4 and load each section as required.

Hang on - AndyH has had a fiddle and done an even better job.  Download his test and see how it works for you!

20/7/04 New Salamander test on line.  Please try.  Thank you.

22/7/04 Finally managed to get the new test on-line,  I am running low on web space!  Have finally given in and will convert the background to tiles.  Come back in a day or so to see the results.

23/7/04 Well here we are again.  This is my final test of Salamander using large bitmaps.  I have cut the whole of the 1st level into 4 to reduce memory requirements.  Download and see.

25/704 Moved most of the diary text here!  Now have moving teeth and some organic growth.  It grows one line at a time and looks ok - if I have got time I might change it (but in the bigger picture and the timescale of the competition I feel that it is an acceptable compromise).  Also have added normal, laser and ripple weapons (but these do need fiddling with).  Hopefully I will get all the movement and growth in the background sorted out so I can work on baddies and collision detection.

26/11/05 Haven't forgotten about this game!  Uploaded the last version I had worked on.  Hope to revisit it in the future.


Early Test Demo - please test for me and post or e-mail results (Link removed)

2nd Test Demo - graphics memory usage reduced.  Please let me know if this is better for you (or worse?) (Link removed)

AndyHTest Demo - AndyH has had a quick fiddle and produced very impressive results.  I re-fiddled and made it more in-line with 2nd Test Demo so this is a 2nd 2nd Test demo! (Link removed)

3rd Test Demo (Link removed)- this is my last attempt before I rethink and use a tile map engine!  I have cut the background into 4 (only first 2 available in the demo). Hopefully this reduces the graphics memory required by 4?  Let me know how this works for you (I know there is a jump in the middle - I will sort it out if this works on most people's machines).

Final Test Demo (Link removed)- basically it is the same as the last demo but with the whole of the first level.  If you download, please let it run right to the end (you end up in the cavern and the screen stops scrolling).  As usual post at retroremakes or e-mail me with results.  This is the last one, I promise!

WIP Version - in this version you can fire, some aliens fly from the right and the landscape grows.  There a 3 types of weapon (press 1,2,3 on keyboard).  Slow but steady progress.